Pop Preservation Society is a collective of artists, designers, promoters, business developers and other creatives providing artist services to musicians and bands in Melbourne, Australia.


Our services include artist development, marketing, design, media, radio servicing and publicity. The formula is simple.


We work with people we have an affinity for... musically and artistically. Artists we represent include Victor Stranges & The Methinks and Man City Sirens.



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By fusing design, typography, photography or illustration, we are able to create aesthetic designs that will appeal to your target audience. Whether your brief is for a poster, album, t-shirts or advertisement, we will help develop your message with professional copy writing to capture your audience. 

Our knowledge of print processes and materials enables us to provide a complete print management service with accredited suppliers providing best value and turnaround.

Pop Preservation Society's photographic service involves shooting images in a wide range of settings from studio stills to performances. We come to you or we can arrange a studio to suit your time frame and budget.



Regardless of genre, music audiences are glued to social media. Instagram recently exceeded a billion active users while Facebook counts over two billion daily active users themselves. These numbers dwarf the likes of SoundCloud and Bandcamp. YouTube is technically the most popular music streaming service right now, nudging out Spotify and Apple Music. And it's not even close. With such tremendous opportunity in the social media space, Pop Preservation Society can help you develop your online social media to build your story.   

The goal posts in online promotion move at such a rapid rate that social networks come and go (can we say MySpace?). Whilst investing in social platforms is vital, it's also important to develop a branding strategy with little or no counter party risk by establishing your own website. We also develop eCommerce, interactive applications and newsletters. Once you decide on a new release or single, we design all channels to be consistent and that speak to each other seamlessly. Our main objective is to create a strong brand message to create engagement.



Pop Preservation Society is proud to work with some of the most influential industry talents in music and entertainment. We partner with Michael Matthews Media who provide leading services in entertainment PR, tour promotion, radio promotion and music industry consultancy.​

Michael Matthews has launched the careers of many Australian artists such as Savage Garden, Killing Heidi and Australian Crawl. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the business including Crowded House, David Bowie, Duran Duran, Radiohead, The Saints, Blondie, Iron Maiden, The Butterfly Effect, Paul McCartney, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blur and Russell Morris. He still has a passion for independent and homegrown artists and is currently producing campaigns for The Badloves, Jacobs Run, Michael Burrows, Charly Mae, Kevin Johnson and Man City Sirens.

He continues to work with artists, labels and radio both locally and internationally. He is a trusted filter who is in constant contact with national and regional stations, speaking to radio DJs, producers and key decision makers to secure interviews, airplay and playlisting for new releases and tour promotion.

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Pop Preservation Society is proud to partner with Melbourne Artists Underground Music Festival for a series of outdoor shows in 2021. Details will be announced in the very near future.  


As we come out of COVID19 lock downs and as restrictions are eased, we are anticipating a significant demand for live entertainment in outdoor spaces for local cities and communities in Melbourne. This has obvious benefits as larger outdoor areas enable easier social distancing compared to indoor venues, where musicians would typically perform.

The shows will breathe life and re-connect people in the community creating a wonderful social experience and tremendous community good will. Coupled with the power of live music supplied by upcoming Melbourne artists, it also supports musicians, bands, technicians and videographers in the industry.... those that have been most hard hit due to COVID19. 

The festival will be promoted on Melbourne radio, throughout social media accompanied by publicity in traditional media outlets, print and communities around Melbourne.



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