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Lipstereo Live at The Toff In Town - June 24, 2022


A few years ago, traditional record company models morphed into 360 record deals, also known as  "multiple rights deals." Because of dwindling sales in the physical record market, 360 deals enabled record labels a percentage of revenues that would otherwise have been off-limits to them. These included digital sales, live performance revenue, merchandise sales, endorsement deals, synchronisation, songwriting and publishing revenue. 


In more recent times 360 deals were no longer controlled solely by record companies. The opportunity to seize on these revenue models became a free for all in the music industry. Streaming services are now becoming distributors and even record labels. Record labels are becoming streaming services and occasionally, talent management companies. Talent management companies are becoming record labels, while distributors fancy themselves as managers. 


Unfortunately emerging or even established songwriters and artists are stuck somewhere in the middle of these competing rent seekers. The concentration of ownership means that even well known heritage artists are not promoted to sustain a career and emerging artists are not being invested in.

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Content is king. Songwriters, musicians, recording artists and performers are the foundation of the music business, not the other way around. Rent seekers are not in charge. You are in the business of music. You have control and ownership of your career, musical works and digital assets. 


The challenge is that capital investment is required in a serious pursuit. Anyone can record and get their music out there but how will it cut through? Having a great song or recording does not mean that you deserve a career in music. A brilliant new cake decorator just hitting the scene still needs to print business cards, build a website, utilise social media, plan advertising campaigns, create publicity, a strong message and a network of customers and referrals. There is no free pass. But if you treat your career like a business, you have a chance. 


Pop Preservation Society is record label comprised of music professionals, record producers, recording studios, designers, promoters, distributors, business developers and other creatives providing artist services to musicians and other record labels. 


Our services include recording, producing, distribution, live sound production, music promotion, artist development, photography, marketing, design, web and social media, radio servicing and publicity. The formula is simple. We work with people we have an affinity for... musically and artistically. We work with emerging and established artists and if you have the talent, drive and wherewithal we would love to connect.

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