Victor Stranges & The Methinks

"Like the humming of a well-worn turntable or the buzz from a magical amp, Stranges' songs feel familiar yet fresh, comforting yet ready to explode with new information. His melodic pop transmissions flow from the center of the galaxy, circle the planets and hover like shadows in the four corners of your mind. All of gentle, sweeping harmonies here are tender and accent each corner of every note. The immediate touchstone, hard to miss, is the horn-rimmed sophistication of Elvis Costello but he reminds me of Willy DeVille..."

Bruce Brodeen (Not Lame Recordings, U.S.A.)

Stranges has shared the stage with iconic Australian artists over the years including Weddings Parties Anything, The Johnnys, Sacred Cowboys and Celibate Rifles. He has released two albums and in 2010 was signed to U.S. power pop label, Not Lame Records and This Time (Japan). His 2009 album, "Hello Me To You", was named as one of the Best Albums Of The Year by Pop Underground.

In 2019 he reformed his band, The Methinks, with Ron E. Smith (bass/vocal), Mike Dupp (piano/keyboards/vocal) and Chris Quinlan (drums).  


Man City Sirens

Man City Sirens, the band, is an eclectic ideation of Brit-rock oriented music: melodious, lyrical, emotional, blending the drama of opera, the fluency of pop and the revelry of rock.

Industry parlance calls it indie: hard to pin down, unexpected, unpredictable, but often strangely appealing, endearing and addictive. For all its mood swings and polyphony, it remains, at its heart, thoughtfully simple: just like a child inside an adult. Thus, the musicians in the Man City Sirens band are unabashed humans of the post-technological age at once beating their chests with sensual guitar passion while ephemeral keys lace scripts of love and life lived to the hilt.

The band has been building a significant reputation as a performing troupe that delights audiences from open air stages like Federation Square (City of Melbourne) and festivals (local and interstate) to hotel and club venues in the inner city and regional areas as well as getting air play on community radio stations locally and interstate.

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