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Back in the Studio with Jacobs Run

Article and Photos Anthea Palmer

The recording studio, when in session, becomes an exquisite, inner sanctum. It is a space often heavy with tension, given the great expectation of meaningful, creative output. Jacobs Run are at Wick Studios, recording their second album, and all signs point to it being a big, melodic, masterpiece.
L-R: Peter Curigliano and Michael Jacobs at Wick Studios

This record will have a different feel from their first self titled album, which was largely written during the recording process and tracked in isolation. The new work is fully developed, just waiting to be laid down and ultimately heard. Still strong on melody and lyrical expression, but with a ‘live’ vibe, the band all present in guidance and collaboration.

L-R: Dan Corless (Sound Engineer) and Mark Opitz AM (Producer) in the control room

At the reigns is legendary producer, Mark Optiz AM, whose body of work includes production for INXS, Cold Chisel, Models, Noiseworks, and the list goes on … and on.

Who better to extract and capture the unique Jacobs Run sound.

The band is a three piece at core and features Michael Jacobs (vocals and guitar), Fabian Bucci (drums), and Peter Curigliano (bass and backing vocals). This album also includes the “touring” members, Phil Turcio on keys, and Dragan Stanic on guitar. Whether heads up performing on stage, or heads down heavy in the creative process, the love and respect between members is palpable.

L-R: Peter Curigliano and Michael Jacobs at Wick Studios

No holds barred, the recording will feature maestro conductor, George Ellis, and a thirty piece orchestra, along with vocal chorus led by the fabulous Susie Ahern.

Expect this lush, majestic body of work to be released in March 2023.

L-R: Peter Curigliano and Michael Jacobs at Wick Studios


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