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Cinematic Grace : COLA Music Video

PRESS RELEASE - September 2022 - EPK Dropbox

To accompany Pop Preservation Society’s recent release of the edgy soul song, ‘Cola’ by SATURDAY'S CHILD, the band decided to work on an extraordinary piece of short film for their new music video using some of Australia’s top upcoming talent for cast and crew.
Actors, Riley Nottingham and Courtney Crisfield

The footage was shot at one of Melbourne’s most captivating bars called Manchuria. The venue was the perfect setting for the ten-hour filming session in late June this year.

“The allure for me was the potential for a music video set sometime in the 1960s.Film noir was a popular genre typically associated with black and white movies in the 1940s and 1950s. We wanted to have a similar feel but presented in glorious colour."
Victor Stranges, Saturday's Child

The filming project was the brainchild of SATURDAY'S CHILD who enlisted upcoming producer/director, Daniel Woods. Woods was responsible for the recent Lipstereo music video, Stop which recently aired on ABCTV’s national music program, Rage four weeks in a row.

For ‘Cola’, Woods brought along a cast and crew of over twenty people which was a modest shot in the arm for the local film industry trying to reassert itself in the aftermath of COVID inactivity. The music video was shot in high definition 4K and is a staggering piece of work.

Realising what they may be sitting on, SATURDAY'S CHILD hired additional local videographers to take behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with cast and crew, which will be aired in a documentary format on YouTube and social media in the coming weeks.

The highly stylised and spellbinding music video stars Australian actor Riley Nottingham who appeared in Toybox (Seven Network Australia), Metro Sexual (Nine Network Australia and OUTtv), and science fiction romance film, Dimensions.

Nottingham has also appeared on The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, Tomorrow Tonight, and The Gods of Wheat Street. Starring opposite Nottingham is Courtney Crisfield, who has worked in various Australian theatre productions, ABC and Paramount+ TV productions and at Universal Studios Japan.

Actor, Courtney Crisfield
Actor, Courtney Crisfield

Pop Preservation Society recently entered the pop mainstream with ‘Cola’ by SATURDAY'S CHILD, being the number one most streamed and number one most downloaded song on the Australian Play MPE charts. It also had the number two streaming spot with Lipstereo’s ‘Stop’ which is also gaining international interest.

Genres Soul / R&B / Pop

Saturday's Child
Saturday's Child


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