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Double CD Tribute To Melbourne Drummer Featuring Gotye, Brad Kennedy, Tash Parker & Victor Stranges

Melbourne drummer/percussionist Chris Haylock passed away in 2012 at the age of 43. His brother Steve has just released a limited edition double CD compilation of recordings featuring Chris as well as a selections from his musical friends in a moving tribute to his late brother. All proceeds from the sale will go to Chris' children: Renae, Eva and Leo.
Chris Haylock (pictured) performing with Ian Treloar (October, 2010)

The project was a labour of love for Steve and was years in the making. In the months following Chris' passing, he posted an online message to his late brother's contacts and musical community...

"Where to next? How do we best manage this struggle, be present for our families and respect Chris? How can we ever do him proud? That torments me on a daily basis... listening to music helps me. I was playing Paul Dillon’s ‘Butterfly Into The Storm’, a CD Chris played on, (recorded at the Sorrento Cinema in 2006), and it was then that I realised music is probably one of the only ways I can get through this aside from helping Cath, Renae, Eva & Leo…."

Steve continued... "Victor Stranges, a great musician who Chris played with, sowed the seed with me whilst Chris was in hospital – suggesting we could put his playing to record.

We can listen to his music …(and you can find it online) and we can listen to his rimshots, his solos and his signature cymbal splashes… but what if we could play a CD of his music - him drumming on songs - and celebrate him that way? Celebrate his music, hear his beats and feel his ideas; feel a part of him. Yes, that’s what I would want.

And what if we could put together a CD together that would also benefit Cath, Renae, Eva & Leo?"

'Chris On Drums’ is a newly released 2-CD collection featuring the late Chris Haylock who played with many local Melbourne musicians and impacted all of them. Chris occupied the drum stool for countless groups in Melbourne as well as the Mornington Peninsula, and played in many styles which are reflected in this recording including pop, rock, world, jazz, blues, folk and country. CD 1 is a compilation of studio and live recordings he played on with a host of different artists. CD 2 features songs written and dedicated to Chris with both discs showcasing a collection of Melbourne’s finest musicians including Gotye, Brad Kennedy, Ian Treloar, Tash Parker, DC Cardwell, Victor Stranges and many more.

The double disc contains a 20 page full colour booklet nested in a beautiful gatefold digicase, and is shrink-wrapped. Copies are limited. Every purchase comes with a QR code and a unique number to download MP3 versions of all the songs. All proceeds of the sale of ‘Chris On Drums’ go to Chris’ children: Renae, Eva and Leo.

LISTEN to an interview with Steve Haylock in a special 88.3 Southern FM Podcast Presentation with Mark Missen:

BUY 'Chris On Drums - A Celebration Of His Music & A Few Stories' 2-CD:



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