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'Little Spaceships' from LIPSTEREO takes off like a rocket in the US

One week after release to US radio, Melbourne garage rock band, Lipstereo are making headway across the Pacific, having just been added to the playlist on MTV Spankin' New. Publicity for the band has exploded with dozens of articles appearing all over the place, all within a week. 'Little Spaceships' also achieved the # 1 most streamed song in its home country of Australia for the most recent week of the Australian PlayMPE Charts.

MTV says its "Spankin' New" channel is "the place to discover new artists before they become household names" and is broadcast on Pluto TV which has more than 28.5 million active users.

Accolades for possibly their most catchy track on their debut EP, 'Modern Mythology' have come thick and fast.

"These young garage rockers are from Melbourne, Australia, but they could have easily come out of New York in the 00s. Or 90s California. In short, this is music to make longtime fans of The Strokes, The Vines and Weezer get all misty-eyed. Twinkly-eyed and rough-hewn, Little Spaceships is a highly likeable burst of dreamy pop and choppy guitars straight out of Is This It – if Julian Casablancas and co spent more time at the beach – wrapped up with a shoutalong chorus that *just* about avoids falling into cutesy territory."

“Little Spaceships blends decadent undertones of heavy bass, sharp guitar riffs, and mesmerizing vocals from lead singer Sam Stranges. Stranges is unfiltered, raw, and risky as he closes the single with a heart-heavy outcry...
'Little Spaceships' comes from their debut EP Modern Mythology, produced by the acclaimed Mark Opitz (INXS, AC/DC, The Angels). With a shared love of garage rock and music history, Lipstereo pulls from a deep expanse of influences."

"Australian garage rock group Lipstereo have concocted a release radiating with rich intensity. Entitled “Little Spaceships,” the song soars with confident gritty vocals and lazar sharp sonics.
All about feeling like your friends are moving on, the piece has a bold sense of nostalgia that leaves us with the feeling of deep longing. Reminiscent of acts like The Strokes and Weezer, their sound exudes a familiarity, yet it is unique and fresh."

“Little Spaceships rides a potent, galvanizing rhythm, full of infectious pushing motion, akin to early Beatles on steroids. Stranges’ voice, vaguely reminiscent of John Lennon, only rawer and edgier, imbues the lyrics with tasty rasping nuances, giving the tune unbridled, probing zest.
Buzzing with thick layers of growling guitars topped by Stranges’ sculpting vocals, “Little Spacehips” pulses with contagious momentum."

Lipstereo has three upcoming shows in Melbourne:

Sunday 5th March at Sooki Lounge opening for The Moving Stills.

Friday 17th March at The Tote Upstairs - Headline show with In Transit + Peach Fuzz supporting

Saturday 25th March at The Basin Music Festival


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