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The Making of 'Cola'

A Music Video by Saturday's Child

Take a rare peek behind the scenes. The Making of 'Cola' is a fifteen-minute documentary piece, that provides insight into what it takes to create a memorable moment in pop culture.

Hosted with natural ease by Saturday’s Child, Victor Stranges, the documentary begins with Stranges chatting to project partner, Frank Apicella. The mutual respect and love between the two artists is palpable. The two recall their meeting and mutual love for the punk movement, and in particular, a band called “Stiff Little Fingers.”

Filming Cola

Next, Stranges introduces Director, Daniel Woods, who reveals from the submission of the treatment, the filming began within just three weeks. Given the Early 60s film-noir theme, the location was paramount and the Manchuria Bar in Melbourne provided an ideal visual reference.

Thomas Snowden, Director of Photography, also references the location as “doing the heavy lifting,” with the definition of colour and contrast being key to his role. One challenge was the tight space they had to work with in setting up lighting and equipment.

Getting the Look

Make-up Artist, Grace McGuffie, exacted the early 60s look with wing lash, cat eye, and pastel colour. Hair Stylist, Paulina Woods, was responsible for the coiffure.

The colour palette of muted pastels brings to mind the work of Wes Anderson, providing a vintage, nostalgic look, which gives the feeling of a faded memory.

Meet the Cast

Courtney Crisfield, is interviewed and reveals that despite her youthful appearance, she has worked in the industry for 12 years, both in Australia and overseas, in theatre, film, and television.

The main actor, Riley Nottingham was enticed to play the role on hearing the COLA track. Acting since he was 10, Nottingham appeared on the children’s show Toybox, and in two seasons of Metro Sexual for the 9 Network. He is also a musician and is currently working on his own EP and a show for the Fringe Festival.

Cabaret performer, Jack Lynch, makes an appearance in the video and shares his wonder at the behind-the-scenes workings.

The Band

There is a brief introduction to the band, made up of James Lockwood - Bass, (The Methinks, and the Futurists), Jesse Porter - Drums, (Lipstereo), and Lee Jones - Guitar, (Lee Jones Quintet).

The Making of Cola is a must-watch for anyone interested in film-making and is a wonderful example of how a story can be portrayed in just four minutes. To do so requires a strong concept, dedicated professionals working in specific roles, and most importantly, a strong sense of teamwork.

Director - Daniel Woods

Writers - Victor Stranges, Frank Apicella

Producer - Daniel Woods

Director of Photography - Thomas Snowden

Production Designer - Annika Rigg

Editor - Matthew Temby

Music - Saturday’s Child featuring Ema Jay

Casting - Daniel Woods, Victor Stranges, Frank Apicella

Starring - Courtney Crisfield, Riley Nottingham, Ema Jay,

WATCH The Making of "Cola" Music Video by Saturday's Child.


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