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Victor Stranges & The Futurists release live videos in 4K from their Songs Of Elvis Costello show

With less than a fortnight to go before their upcoming show at The Wesley Anne in Melbourne, Victor Stranges & The Futurists have put out 4 songs from their sold out September 2022 live performance. The music videos were filmed in 4K and mastered in HD sound.

The ambitious project to film and record high quality live versions of some of Costello's best work is a labour of love for front-man, Victor Stranges. "So we're putting on a show but realised that people may not get what we are all about with these particular gigs. And if you are going to do something, you may as well do it right. Go hard or go home," said Stranges. Live music videos now available to view on YouTube are 'Watching The Detectives', 'High Fidelity', 'Radio Radio' and 'Almost Blue.'

The songs selected for the almost 2 hour show are some of Stranges' favourites and admits that he tries not to mess with too many of the arrangements. "I am a fan but I wasn't about to reimagine EC's songs. I just wanted to play mainly what I heard on the records, and exclusively from his first 20 years which we enjoy playing immensely," he added.

Clockwise from top left: Victor Stranges, Mike Dupp, Frank Scalzo, James Lockwood

The footage was taken from a live matinee performance at their sell out show at one of Melbourne's most iconic venues, Wesley Anne on Sunday, 18th September, 2022. The 4 piece band played nearly two hours of songs drawing from Costello's first 20 years of making records from My Aim Is True (1977) to All This Useless Beauty (1996).

"The song selection was the hardest part," admitted Stranges.

The set list leaned heavily from Costello's first few albums but surprisingly, there was material from his mid-career including the 'Brutal Youth' (1994) and 'All This Useless Beauty' (1996) LPs.

TICKETS ON SALE NOW for the upcoming show at Wesley Anne at 3:00pm Sunday 19th February, 2023. Special guest Tim Reid.

Set List from 18th September, 2022 (NB- song lists change from show to show)


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