Melbourne is one of the music capitals of the world with a vast array of recording facilities available. One of the hidden gems is Thirty Mill Studios positioned just 6km from the heart of the City in Brunswick. Located inside a period house, the studio radiates a Motown Hitsville USA (Studio A) feel. With high ceilings and original wooden floorboards, the rooms have their own natural timbre.


Thirty Mill Studios is a state of the art facility with a collection of exceptional quality music gear including the latest digital technology to some of the most desirable pieces of analogue gear ever made. 


Colin Wynne in the studio

Colin Wynne and Mark Opitz  B & W.jpg

Colin Wynne with Mark Opitz

For over two decades the studio has been used to record, mix and master music, winning awards both domestically and internationally including recordings for INXS, Chris Wilson, Monique Brumby, Jeff Lang and Bic Runga.