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Victor Stranges is a Melbourne recording artist, performer, music promoter and founder of Pop Preservation Society. He has shared the stage with iconic Australian artists over the years including Weddings Parties Anything, The Johnnys, The Black Sorrows, Sacred Cowboys, James Reyne and Celibate Rifles. He has released two albums and in 2010 was signed to U.S. power pop label, Not Lame Records and This Time (Japan). His 2009 album, "Hello Me To You", was named as one of the Best Albums of 2009 by Pop Underground.

Victor Stranges at Thirty Mill Studios Saturday 03-07-2021_edited.jpg

Victor Stranges at Thirty Mill Studios

Wynton Marsalis and Victor Stranges - Melbourne 1994_edited.jpg

Victor Stranges & Wynton Marsalis

His encyclopedic music knowledge was gained from years of experience managing and working in record stores, playing in bands and organising shows. Juggling multiple projects, he was also a business development manager for twenty years in the direct marketing and graphic arts/printing industries. Stranges’ passion for songwriting, music curation and artist development are the driving force for launching Pop Preservation Society.  

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