Regardless of genre, music audiences are glued to social media. Instagram recently exceeded a billion active users while Facebook counts over two billion daily active users themselves. These numbers dwarf the likes of SoundCloud and Bandcamp. YouTube is the most popular music streaming service right now, nudging out Spotify and Apple Music. And it's not even close. With such tremendous opportunity in the social media space, Pop Preservation Society can help you develop your online social media to build your story.   


The goal posts in online promotion move at such a rapid rate that social networks come and go (can we say MySpace?). Whilst investing in social platforms is vital, it's also important to develop a branding strategy with little or no counter party risk by establishing your own website. We also develop eCommerce, interactive applications and newsletters. Once you decide on a new release or single, we design all channels to be consistent which speak to each other seamlessly. Our main objective is to create a strong brand message to create engagement.