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LIPSTEREO drops a blistering new live recording

Today, LIPSTEREO unveil a new song, ‘You Got The Things;’ Listen HERE and watch the video HERE. The track is a recent recording captured during a worldwide live streamed concert called “Let Me Help - Children Of The World”, presented by

Filmed in the “Scrap Museum” at Bakehouse Studios in Melbourne, LIPSTEREO’s scorching take of a live favourite was telecast from New York City on behalf of children’s charities across the world. ‘You Got The Things’ will be packaged with two other songs from the live set on a forthcoming new 3 track EP which will be sandwiched in between the band’s debut produced by Mark Opitz AM, Modern Mythology (released November 2022) and their forthcoming EP which will also be produced by Opitz.

The essence of LIPSTEREO’s live shows is captured in this track which is “about imposter syndrome, and feeling you'll be caught at any moment,” said the band’s lead singer, Sam Stranges.

“You got the things you wanted from me... and left me with no sense of relief”

The song kicks off with ominous drums and guitar feeding back before a loud thud leads us into the band’s catchiest and heaviest guitar riff yet, which wouldn’t be out of place on a Nirvana album. The guitars and rhythm section are so dirty and uncouth; coupling perfectly with Stranges’ gravelly matter of fact vocals.

The track was recorded live by David Ross with audio, mixing and production by Colin Wynne (Thirty Mill Studios). The live video was filmed in 4K by Park Avenue Media. The single’s cover artwork is a collage designed by Ethan Bowman.


WATCH ‘You Got The Things’ –


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