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The Song Radio Can't Ignore

Saturday's Child's debut single, 'Cola' goes from strength to strength and is receiving worldwide radio airplay in multiple continents.

Released in July 2022, 'Cola' continues to assert its reach and has been played on commercial, non-commercial, college and community radio in Europe, the Nordics, North America, Africa, the UK and Australia. It is backed up by an extraordinary film noir style music video set in the 1960s and released in high definition 4K. Over twenty cast and crew members were involved in the filming and a documentary on the making of it was released recently.

Pop Preservation Society's radio promoter, Michael Matthews, said that "this song just won't go away." The label embarked on an international campaign as it believes 'Cola' has mass appeal in so many radio markets in the genres of soul, R&B, pop and adult album alternative.

Matthews added, "Cola has seen particular strength in Europe where we see rotation on various commercial stations such as Vodafone FM in Portugal. Actually, Portugal is an interesting case study where Saturday's Child's soul based music is resonating. Even larger regional stations such as Rádio Castelo Branco and countless others are somehow getting a hold of the track. We are very encouraged by the early signs for this act."

In November, worldwide music site, Roadie Music published a review of the song...

" Saturday's Child " is synonymous with invaluable, quality music. Making a splendid cover of Arlo Parks' song, "Cola" launched on digital audio and video platforms on July 1st this year. Infectious sound and cinematic video.
A breathtaking reinterpretation, with sound collages, exploration of monophonic drum insertions, takes the listener and spectator to an original scenario that you can check out in the video below. Enter this universe of good, adult and sincere music.
Laércio Lira (Roadie Music) - translated from Portuguese

Across the Atlantic in Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA), commercial radio station WQKL has also added 'Cola' to its adult album alternative / alternative rock radio format. The band is also resonating particularly well in college and community radio with over a dozen stations playing the song.

Last week, 'Cola' received its first spin on Melbourne's largest commercial radio station, 3AW. Radio host Simon Owens presented 'Cola' on his new music segment. Owen's show is the No.1 rated show across Melbourne on weekends, and the station is No. 1 across Breakfast, Mornings, Drive, Nights and Weekends. The station recorded an audience share of 20.5% in the most recent Melbourne (Survey 7, 2022).

Cola' has also commenced airplay this week on Melbourne's hit commercial music station, Nova 100 as the band continues to pick up steam in its hometown. So far, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cape Verde, Croatia, Denmark, France, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, the UK and US are the 13 countries that have introduced Saturday's Child to its listeners.

Saturday's Child heads into the studio this month and has engaged the services of young Melbourne sound engineer, Marc Scollo, in a studio above the Workers Club in Fitzroy they jokingly call the "Brill Building". Victor Stranges from Saturday's Child said, "I nicknamed it the Brill Building because upstairs above the venue, there are songwriting rooms and recording studios that host an array of Melbourne artists much like the famous Brill Building that did the same in the early 1960s New York."

Stranges enthusiastically remarked, "... we are bursting at the seams to work with Marc and have set up a new Gretsch Renown drum kit in his room to channel a 1970s soul drum sound. Marc is pistol smart when it comes to sounds and he cites sound engineer, Tchad Blake (Al Green, Arctic Monkeys, Elvis Costello, Los Lobos, T-Bone Burnett, The Black Keys, Tom Waits, Latin Playboys) as a major influence. We are searching for that elusive sound. We are trying to capture lightning in a bottle."

'Cola' by Saturday's Child featuring Ema Jay is out now on all DSPs and the video can be viewed on YouTube.


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